333 Terms & Conditions

New Lotus road cars purchased from 1st February 2019 qualify for free scheduled servicing for a period of 3 years or 45,000 km (whichever occurs first). The benefit covers all routine scheduled servicing requirements in accordance with Lotus recommendations.  It includes cost of parts, labour and fluids for the following service items: engine oil service, brake fluid, air filter, pollen filter (if fitted). These items are covered from the date of first registration for a period of 3 years or 45,000 km.

Items not specifically mentioned above and/or items requiring replacement or repair due to excessive wear and tear or misuse are not covered. Please note that adjustable type dampers on some models that may require additional maintenance or servicing are specifically excluded from this plan.

Service requirements are as per the manufacturer’s stipulations. Work must be carried out in line with Lotus service schedules and Lotus repair instructions (documented within the owner’s maintenance handbook) which may be updated or vary from time to time according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Servicing can only be carried out by an authorised Lotus Dealer who reserves the right to exclude the vehicle from inclusion in the free scheduled service scheme if any of the service intervals are missed on time, or Km or the vehicle has undergone any form of unapproved aftermarket tuning, fitting of non-approved parts, or performance enhancement.

The free scheduled service scheme applies to the first registered owner of the qualifying vehicle.  It is not transferable to another owner or car.  This offer applies to new and unregistered Lotus road cars, or dealer demonstrators, ordered or purchased from an authorised Australian Lotus dealer from February 1st, 2019.